How to get here

When planning the conference, we anticipated that the largest environmental impact would come from the carbon footprint of traveling to SEFI2024. Knowing that the transportation sector is one of the largest contributors to global emission, second only to electricity and heat, we have tried to reduce this carbon cost by collecting tips and information that will help you make an informed decision for your travel to SEFI2024.

Travelling by train

This map shows the average time (from 0 to 3 hours, to 20 hours and over) taken to reach EPFL using public transport (train). Move your mouse over the image to see the map in detail.

Please click here for another interactive visualization. 

From EU countries to Switzerland by train

Public transport in Switzerland is extremely efficient and taking the train might also be an excellent opportunity to enjoy the wonderful Swiss landscape from the comfort of your seat. We have gathered below some practical information on how to reach Lausanne and EPFL depending on the most common departure locations. Please consult the online train timetable via the SBB website to evaluate your best travel option.

Tip: The SBB website and/or the App (if you wish to download it on your phone) allows you to buy tickets for train, bus and metro in all Switzerland.

If you’re coming with international trains there are different options.

  • If you’re coming from western Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Northern Europe, you will arrive at Basel train station. Transfer from Basel to EPFL is circa 2h 40 min.
    More detailed info on the SBB website.
  • If you’re coming from southern Germany, Austria, Hungary, you will arrive at the Zurich train station. Transfer from Zurich to EPFL is circa 2h 40 min.
    More detailed info on the SBB website.
  • If you’re coming from Paris, Lyon, Spain, Italy, you will arrive at the Lausanne or the Geneva train station directly.
    More detailed info on the SBB website.

If you have arrived in Geneva train station or airport, and you would like to go to EPFL campus there are two options :

  • Via Renens: After you have taken the train from Geneva to Renens (approx. 50 min), you take the Metro 1 (direction Flon) until EPFL stop (approx 10 min).
  • Via Lausanne: After you have taken the train from Geneva to Lausanne (approx. 50 min), you take the Metro 1 (direction Renens) until EPFL (approx 10 min).

Both options take approx. 1h 15 min of travel considering the transport correspondence. Based on your departure time the SBB website will show you the fastest option.

Once in Lausanne

EPFL campus is approximately 15 min from Lausanne main train station. We recommend you to take the Metro (one change M m2 > M m1) as it might avoid delays due to peak traffic hour, and, even more relevant, the EPFL Metro stop is the closest to the building where the conference will take place. Please find below a screenshot of the usual path via Metro. 

SBB app screenshot

Example: From Lausanne train station to EPFL via Metro

In the EPFL campus there are also multiple bus stops. If you prefer to take the bus, you can insert “EPFL Picard” or “EPFL Colladon” as end destinations in the SBB website. The buses that serve these stops are B1 and B705. 

Tip: If you are staying in a hotel, a youth hostel, a bed & breakfast or at a campsite where the tourist tax is applied, you are entitled to the Lausanne Transport Card. With this card, you can freely use all public transport (bus, train, metro) in Lausanne and its surroundings during your whole stay (maximum 15 days). Here are additional benefits of the Lausanne Transport Card. 

Travelling by car

More information about parking spaces at EPFL can be found here

Travelling by plane


If you have traveled by plane, you will most probably arrive in one of the main Swiss airports: Zurich, Basel or Geneva. All airports are well connected with the corresponding main train station of the city you landed in, therefore please refer to the paragraph above on train travel from international departures. 

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We will update the website with more info on how to get from the EPFL metro stop to the event location, and how to rent a bike closer to the conference start. 

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